After your dust collection system has been designed and installed, we offer a range of Technical Services  to make sure your system is performing as it should and is maintained correctly. 

Technical Services Include:

• Installation Supervision

• System Commissioning & Validation

• Periodic Performance Review

• Baghouse Inspection & Troubleshooting

• Preventative Maintenance Programs

• Maintenance & Operator Training


Establish Baseline Performance

Let us do a Baseline Assessment and create your own specific “System at a Glance” Document.

This Document Includes:

  • Baseline (Basic) Performance Measurements:
    - Main Duct Velocity
    - Fan Static Pressure
    - Fan Motor Amps
    - Baghouse Differential Pressure
  • Maintenance & Operation Manuals
  • Spare Parts Lists (If Available)
  • Preventative Maintenance Sheets
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Mobile Device Availability by QR


Quarterly Review

After we document the current performance, we can periodically update this information, so you have an up to date understanding of system condition.

We will send a qualified Technical Services person to come to the facility quarterly and perform the following tasks:

  • Observe the system in operation to determine any obvious issues.
  • Review system performance with operations, maintenance or management personnel.
  • Measure & document readings at the following locations:
    • Main Duct Velocity
    • Fan: inlet pressure, differential pressure, motor amps
    • Dust Collector: Differential Pressure, Cleaning Pressure
    • Perform the following maintenance checks:
  • Dust Colllector
    • Compressed air cleaning components (Pulse Jet filters)
    • Timer Board, Solenoids, Diaphragm Valves, Pulse Tubes
    • Check system for cleaning air leaks and moisture
    • Filter bag or cartridge inspection
  • Fan
    • Measure & record bearing temperature
    • Visual inspection of bearings
    • Check for excessive vibration
    • Belt tension (visual inspection where applicable)
    • Airlocks, blower, screw conveyor as applicable.

3D Laser Scanning Services

Utilize our 3D scanning services to capture accurate as-built documentation for use in your engineering and construction projects.

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