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Our team of experienced engineers and AutoCAD designers will design your dust collection system to provide proper operation and meet regulatory compliance in accordance with the Industrial Ventilation Manual and NFPA Guidelines.

Engineering & Design Services

A true dust collection system is designed to contain, capture, convey, and control airborne dust. This dust can be produced by any number of operations in a manufacturing facility including:

  • Transfer of material from one conveying method to another.
  • Air from air displaced hoppers, tanks or silos
  • Sawing, cutting, grinding, milling, etc.
  • Emptying containers such as bags, super sacks, hoppers or tanks.
  • Basically, any activity that causes small particles of material to become airborne.

Our comprehensive design package includes: proper hood design, system sizing using the Velocity Pressure Method, duct routing and sizing for maintaining optimum balanced air flows, equipment specifications for the dust collector or cyclone, fan and discharge device as well as any explosion or fire protection equipment that is required.

Cost Effective Solutions

Too often engineering firms want to use a “clean-slate” approach for solutions to an existing problem.


Other times manufacturers of equipment will offer to do system design with the goal of selling more equipment, whether it is needed or not.


Airdusco EDS uses a different approach that we believe is more cost effective for the customer.  We seek first to optimize the existing system and to utilize the existing system and main equipment as much as feasible. Only if the system is incapable or a hazard exists that cannot be corrected, do we propose major changes.

Typical Project Workflow

Site Visit

3D Scan & Modeling


Issued for Construction

Issued for Bid

Approval Package