From Concept Through Completion

With over a century of actual experience in bulk solids handling and dust collection system design combined with a thorough understanding of NFPA and OSHA combustible dust regulations, Airdusco EDS has you covered.

Qualifications Matter When Performing a Dust Hazards Analysis.

The Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA) was created to identify and evaluate the potential hazards associated with combustible dusts. Unfortunately, there are many consultants out there who claim they are qualified to perform a DHA but are not. Contact us to find out why we are truly qualified to perform your DHA.

You’ve completed your DHA, now what?

Call us and we can help you understand your DHA and develop an action plan to address the recommendations made in your DHA. We can help with:

• Equipment – Explosion Protection Systems, Spark & Fire Protection, Portable Vacuum Cleaners, Central Vacuum systems & Bonding & Grounding Systems.

• Audits - On-site evaluation of your current dust collection systems.

• Engineering - Complete design of a new or modified dust collection system.

Do you have a project to complete but don't have drawings?

Call us to 3D Laser Scan your process and then use that data to generate accurate as‐built drawings and models. 3D laser scanning allows you to more accurately design and construct your project!

We specialize in getting it done right, the first time.

Our team of experienced engineers and AutoCAD designers will design your dust collection system to provide proper operation and regulatory compliance in accordance with the Industrial Ventilation Manual and NFPA Guidelines.

Don't Wait Until the Dust Settles!

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