Technical Services

After your dust collection system is designed and equipment is purchased and installed, we offer a range of Technical Services to make sure your system is properly installed, commissioned and maintained.

• Installation Supervision - We now offer on-site assistance during dust collection system installation to make sure your mechanical contractor follows the design and specifications of the engineered design.

• System Commissioning & Validation - We can be on site at dust collection system start up to validate the mechanical operation of the equipment and document the key performance variables so the current and future performance levels can be measured.

• Periodic Performance Review – We can schedule periodic system evaluations at pre-determined intervals to check the key variables that were documented during start up to make sure the system is running as designed or if necessary, provide an evaluation of performance gaps.

• Baghouse Inspection & Troubleshooting - We offer mechanical baghouse inspections of existing dust collection equipment, regardless of manufacturer, that includes written reports as to operating condition and ways to improve performance, extend filter life, reduce compressed air consumption and improve online operating efficiency.

• Preventative Maintenance Programs - Our Technical Services Manager has implemented numerous preventative maintenance and continuous improvement programs which have resulted in significant, documented savings in spare parts consumption, compressed air usage and reduced downtime. With this background, we can assist our customers in setting up preventative maintenance schedules, spare parts requirements and training of their people to properly maintain their equipment.

• Maintenance & Operator Training – We offer both classroom and in-field, hands on training for operators and maintenance personnel interested in learning more about baghouse and filter operation, troubleshooting and upkeep. Sessions include information on: Baghouse Basics, Types of Collectors, Preventative Maintenance and Troubleshooting.


baghouse inspection | dust collector troubleshooting

We can send our experienced technician to your site to perform a baghouse inspection. During this visit, we can offer guidance on many areas to both reduce downtime and operation costs. Some of these opportunities include:

• Reduced operational costs
• Reduced energy costs:
• Reduced downtime
• Reduced spare parts inventory
• Extended bag life
• Reduced in-house maintenance costs
• Improved plant sanitation and employee satisfaction


• Overview of Dust Collector Operation & Status
• Review of Compressed Air System
• Differential Pressure Gauge Monitoring
• Inspection of Diaphragm & Solenoid Valves
• Pulse Cleaning & Timer Board Adjustments
• Fan Inspections
• Rotary Airlock & Screw Conveyor Review