Largest Sugar Dome To Start Operations Near Chicago

United Sugars Corporation plans to start operations in the largest sugar dome within the U.S. by mid-December. The 160-foot-tall, 1.3-million-hundredweight dome is being built by American Crystal Sugar Company and it is operated by the United Sugars Co.


The sugar dome`s purpose is to reduce cost and time of manufacturing by bringing it closer to people living in the Chicago area. United Sugars Corporation also believes that by being closer to the customers the company will be able to fulfill their rapidly changing demands quicker.


The facility was certainly built to amaze. According to its website the sugar dome cost $40 million dollars to build and will feature a 26,000 square-foot bulk storage dome, a 17,000 square foot transfer facility, and 5,500 of track space.


In the case of a sugar dome capable of holding over 1.3 million sugar, combustible dust is always a concern. According to the Tribune the appropriate dust explosion system was installed with other safety equipment such as, temperature bearing, and alignment switches to prevent potential hazards.

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