Downflow dust collector system- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GA Downflow dust collector system

System Engineering & Design

Our team of experienced engineers and AutoCAD designers will design your dust collection system to provide proper operation and meet regulatory compliance in accordance with the Industrial Ventilation Manual and NFPA Guidelines.

A true dust collection system is designed to capture and contain airborne dust. This dust can be produced by any number of operations in a manufacturing facility including:

• Transfer of material from a belt or bucket
• Air displacing from filling bins, hoppers, tanks
or silos
• Sawing, cutting, grinding, milling, etc.
• Emptying containers such as bags, super
sacks, hoppers or tanks.
• Basically, any activity that causes small particles of material to become airborne

Our comprehensive design package includes: proper dust collection hood design, system sizing using the Velocity Pressure Method, duct routing and sizing for maintaining optimum balanced air flows, equipment specifications for the dust collector or cyclone, fan and discharge device as well as any explosion or fire protection equipment that should be included.

hood_selection- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GAHood selection

Importance of Proper Hood Selection & Design
The first key component of a successful dust collection system is the hood. A dust collection hood is usually a fabricated metal shape that is specifically designed to accomplish the following:

• Contain the dust – limit the volume where the dust can go.
• Capture the dust – direct the air flow through the dust.
• Convey the captured dust to the duct.

A successful dust collection hood design and shape accomplishes these 3-C’s resulting in control of the dust emitted at the dust source. These hoods come in an unlimited variety of shapes and forms and can range from the complex to the simple. Conversely, poorly designed hoods result in poor dust collection performance, no matter how well the rest of the system is designed.

hood1- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GAHood design 1
hood2- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GAHood design 2
hood3- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GAHood design 3
hood4- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GAHood design 4


schematics_render- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GASchematics design

Importance of Duct Design & Layout

The velocity of the air and dust particles in the duct is critical to the successful operation of the dust collection system. That velocity must be high enough to keep the dust particles suspended, otherwise they will fall out of the air stream and collect in the duct. As dust accumulates in the duct it makes it more difficult to move the same air flow through that duct.

All our systems are designed using the Velocity Pressure Method as described in Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design. This balanced-by-design method uses the laws of Physics and Fluid Dynamics to provide inherent, assured, air flow and distribution assuming the system follows the design requirements. No operators, maintenance, or plant personnel are required to assure the flow is properly distributed throughout the system once the system is running.

duct_render- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GADuct design render
duct_design- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GADuct design
design-schematic- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GA- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GADuct design schematics


A well-designed dust collection system must incorporate the correct and properly sized equipment to be successful. The parent company of Airdusco EDS, is Airdusco, Inc. Airdusco is a manufacturer’s representative and application engineering company located in Memphis, TN that has been designing and selling bulk material handling and dust collection systems since 1972. We have a tremendous amount of experience in selecting the correct:

• Dust collectors - bag or cartridge filters
• Cyclones
• Industrial Fans & Blowers
• Screw Conveyors & Rotary Airlocks
• Explosion Protection systems

Dust CollectorsDust Collectors
Industrial fanIndustrial Fans
Airlocks- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GAAirlocks
Cyclones- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GACyclones
Explosion protection equipment- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GAExplosion protection equipment

After the initial concept is complete we will review with the customer to make sure the design meets expectations. Following approval, the system is turned over to our experienced design team who will incorporate the engineered system into electronic format. Airdusco EDS will provide a complete set of layout drawings including: System Flow Diagram, Plan, Elevation, Detail and Section View drawings of the system. Additionally, detailed fabrication drawings are supplied for hoods, transitions and other custom requirements. Drawings are available in both AutoCAD 2D or AutoDesk Inventor 3D. This drawing package along with written equipment specifications and general mechanical installation requirements allow our customers to obtain accurate bids for both equipment purchase and mechanical installation.

System for wood plant- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GASystem for wood plant
Dust collection abort gate- TN, AR, KY, TX, AL, MS, LA, GADust collection abort gate