Combustible Dust Explosion: Review and Prevention

Combustible dust explosion has been known to be very dangerous, Brian Ward has written a very comprehensive article on the importance of Combustible Dust Explosion Prevention. He comes from a compelling viewpoint as a firefighter, as he is usually the one  who has to deal with the after effects of a  dust explosion. Even if, in most cases, explosions can be entirely prevented by installing the appropriate equipment. Ward not only talks about how important it is to install combustible dust equipment, but he also goes into a lot of details about the different hazards and explosions, as he aims to educate people about the various dust explosion hazard types.


He defines, flash fire, deflagration, detonation, and explosion most of which can be devastating, but prevented when the combustible dust system is up to standards.


Sugar Mill Explosion

Furthermore, he reflects on the past tragedies that had been caused by combustible dust explosion such as, the 2008 Imperial Sugar Mill explosion in Georgia that was caused by the accumulation of sugar and it was one of the biggest explosions with 14 deaths and 40 injuries. This explosion, which according to the U.S. Chemical Safety Board could have been prevented,  also resulted in many new rules and regulations about combustible dust that we follow today.

Hazards and Prevention

In the last part, Ward talks about  the different hazards that may lead to combustible dust explosion and the various design implementations that could prevent explosions.

Airdusco and AirduscoEDS is a company that has a lot of experience working with combustible dust, we  can walk you through the installation and design of a proper combustible dust system.

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